Why LBB! Exists…for YOU

Ok, so healthcare. It is what it is right now, and our illustrious government is always looking to do something with it in the name of saving money (for who? is my question). 

Well, one thing that we all know is that healthcare is a massive, expensive, confusing disaster in the United States. It’s a major pain in the ass for me and many people that I know. And I am an advocate! 

We all know that healthcare is one of the biggest and most dangerous games in our lives. It’s true. You have to know how to play the game to win. My family didn’t know how to play, so while my Gram was dying, we all suffered. We were not healthcare literate. I had been in healthcare as a social worker for years and still didn’t know what I know today. You should be angry about how you are being treated in healthcare, but most are more angry if their fast food order gets messed up.

You have experienced it for yourself or you’ve heard the stories…horrific treatment of a patient or family in a hospital or other healthcare setting. People sitting in the ER waiting for service and end up dead before they’ve been seen. A person being released from the hospital before they should have been and it had disastrous results. Patients being hurt and abused while in the system for help. Patients being given the wrong medicine or the wrong diet and suffered as a result.

And eldercare is not much better. Not knowing what to do with your loved one that has a devastating disease. What is happening with the diagnoses and the effects of multiple drugs of our loved ones? Why is it so prevalent to have a mental health diagnosis as you get older? Why don’t nursing facilities have a good reputation? I know of no one on Earth who has said, “Wow, I can’t wait to get old and go to a nursing home.” Why can’t those who have loved ones with dementia get the help they really need…REALLY need?

Yeah, I already know of the frustrations you have because I share them. I was a social worker for years in healthcare, and I kept the things that made me sick to myself. I had to get my paycheck and feed my family. But until it happens to you… 

Just because medical experts are coming to you with their opinions and their science, does not mean you have no wisdom or skin in the game. You do. You are the expert on you and your situation. You want providers to come to you with the information you actually need for your healthcare and well-being, not just for something that will be profitable for them. Of course you know that there is more money in disease than in good health, right?

That’s why Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy exists. To give you ways to navigate healthcare and win the game. You have to stand up. You have to be vocal. You have to ask questions. You have to say no or ask for alternatives to what is being presented to you. But you cannot do that if you do not know what you are talking about. 

I’m kind of venting after dinner here, so a lot of this may sound weird. But I am speaking truth. I designed LBB! to help people in their healthcare situations by educating them as to what is going on and what they need to do. I have direct services to support patients and caregivers in the short-term and the long-term, and to educate them in skills they can use now and pass down to their loved ones. Learning healthcare literacy and how to advocate for your best care are the best things you can do for your healthcare and treatment…getting it and keeping it. You are responsible for that, no one else.

My family just wanted to spend our last few days with my Gram before she died. We didn’t want to be bombarded by doctors and pushed for decisions as to what to do with Gram (meaning a service that would garner them more money or taking her off life support, so another body could come in and make them more money). 

I will fight the good fight in healthcare and eldercare as long as I can. Let’s revolutionize healthcare and eldercare together. It doesn’t have to be the way it is, unless you like it that way. You can save money, time and stress by EDUCATING YOURSELF AND BECOMING HEALTHCARE LITERATE. I want to help you do just that, so you can focus on what is important – like my family wanted to. 

That’s why LBB! exists. I do this work in honor of my Gram…a woman I truly want to be proud of me.