Businesses, EAPs, Health & Wellness Companies and Non-Profits…

Show your employees or your audience that you care about their health & well-being by having LBB! do consulting on your healthcare offerings. LBB! is uniquely designed to give your audience the tools they need to become empowered in their healthcare, which will positively affect your group’s morale and give your business or agency cost-savings, increased attendance & productivity and loyal employees.

Here’s What LBB! Can Do for You:

  • Analyze current healthcare benefits to see how they may be enhanced (no worries, you can keep them if you’re happy)
  • Analyze employee needs vs. current benefit
  • Interact with employees through surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • Construct and implement a health & wellness program based on organizational needs with a focus to empower employees in their healthcare journey and save your business money, time, stress and productivity
  • Make it easier for your employees to navigate healthcare and solve healthcare issues themselves
  • Bring in other healthcare experts in diabetes, insurance, eldercare, medical alert systems, senior moving and many others
  • Analyze data and make recommendations on how to utilize your healthcare benefits in a better way, which saves time and money
  • LBB! services can be used as a value-add to your current benefits

I will sit down with your team to assess the needs of your business, as well as employee healthcare needs and create deliverables to save time, money and stress for all parties involved.

LBB! Health & Wellness Campaigns are focused on healthcare & patient advocacy. Instead of exercise memberships and technology, I teach a lifelong skill that has the capacity to change, or save lives.


Book a consultation with me below to find out how I can help you save time & money
and increase attendance and productivity!

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