Advocacy (the “A” in A.C.E.)

Advocacy is the heartbeat of all of LBB!’s business, products & services. LBB! helps patients & families learn to advocate for the best care & treatment possible for themselves and their families. All solutions here are patient-centered – at LBB! the patient comes first. And of course patients and caregivers will save time, money and stress! 

LBB! will “teach people to fish” by educating patients & families with healthcare management skills that can last a lifetime. Advocacy with a healthcare insider’s point of view is the order of the day at LBB!

The inevitable accident or emergency will come up. We will all need healthcare at some point, or be in a situation that requires patient decisions and responsibility. LBB! will help you “prepare for war in a time of peace.” This means LBB! will arm you with tools to help you now, so you will be prepared for what your healthcare future holds.

Advocacy Services Include:  

  • Proactive Patient Planning – I will sit with you and assess your current healthcare and environmental information, even if you are in the midst of a healthcare crisis. Once the comprehensive interview is complete, I will recommend services, advocacy methods and resources for you to help you cope with what is happening. It will be a customized guide catered to you to solve problems and manage care for yourself and your family in your current healthcare or caregiving situation. Also includes counseling for your situation.

  • LBB! Phone Chats – this is a phone call between you and me that determines a path for you to take in your search for help. We can chat and you get help, you can use your time for me to help you get the best from your appointments, you can use your time at your appointment for me to help you communicate with your doctor, whatever you need!

  • TeleMedicine –  Reach out for help to a doctor online and talk to them about emergent issues concerning your health. For a small fee each month, individuals, families and companies can benefit from a board-certified physician to be guided in getting the right healthcare at the right time. You can be diagnosed and treated in your own living room! LBB! is the bridge to the premier TeleMedicine vendor, Call A Doctor Plus. Through this service, you can also get assistance with your medical bills, get discounts on healthcare services and talk to counselors for mental health and life balance needs. 

Book a free consultation with me below now to find out how LBB! can work for your family or business!


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