LBB! Delivers Advocacy Like No One Else…

LBB! has an abundance of services to offer all kinds of learners and entities. No matter who or what entity you are, I can customize a way for you to learn patient and healthcare advocacy. No matter how smart and savvy you are, it is easy to mishandle important aspects of your care. Handling care can really be overwhelming – even for people in the know!

You are not alone in the mission to get better care. LBB! will give you the tools to use the healthcare system in the best and most cost-efficient way. Our services and education will give you the confidence you need to manage your healthcare and treatment effectively. This will give you peace of mind so you may focus on other important aspects of your life. LBB! will take care of the “business of healthcare.

All Services Fall Under LBB!’s A.C.E. Method of Advocacy™. Check It Out!

If You Are Experiencing or Have Ever Experienced Any of These, Then LBB! Has Services That Can Help You:

  • Overwhelm in Managing Healthcare for Yourself or Your Loved Ones
  • Need for Coordination of Care (getting & keeping all of your providers on the same page)
  • Problems with Medical Bills
  • Selecting the Best Facilities or Providers for Your Care & Treatment
  • Getting Good Care – Where, When and How
  • Needed A Second Opinion
  • Choosing the Best Insurance Plan for You and Your Loved Ones
  • Problems Receiving Good Treatment During Your Treatment
  • Caregiving Issues, Stress and Burnout
  • Leaving a Doctor’s Appointment Saying “What?”
  • Problems Navigating Our Complex and Disjointed Healthcare System
  • Managing Your Medications
  • Problems Making Decisions About Your Care or the Care of a Loved One
  • Choosing a Healthcare Proxy
  • Confusion or Problems with Appointments or Hospital Stays
  • Not Sure of What Questions to Ask In Order for You to Get the Best Care
  • Not Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Patient
  • Obtaining Medical Records
  • Leaving Your Doctor
  • Having No Peace of Mind in Your Care & Treatment
  • Preventing Falls
  • Lowering Healthcare Costs
  • Making the Most Out of Your Healthcare Appointments

What are you waiting for? Here at LBB!, getting the best healthcare is the mission!