Calling All Executive Directors…

The mission of many non-profits is to serve people and enhance their lives and well-being. This is a concept that LBB! follows and believes in. 

Many people are not aware of their healthcare power. Patients need guidance, resources and information to assist them in becoming Powerful Patient Partners™.

LBB! is offering:




LBB! can serve your non-profit by:

  • bulk e-books sales for fundraising efforts
  • collaborating on cost-effective advocacy efforts for your clients
  • have a former social worker, healthcare insider and patient advocate on your team to enhance the healthcare experience for clients 
  • empower the independence of your clients to get the best healthcare possible while saving time, money and stress
  • customized services
  • joint ventures

I have worked in many non-profit agencies as a social worker for years. I know the struggles they go through to do the good in the community that they are tasked with. Let’s work together to make healthcare better and empower your clients.

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