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Your Workforce and Clients Have Needs That Will Affect Your Business. Your Healthcare Costs Are in the Stratosphere. LBB! Can Help…

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Your customers, clients and/or workforce should be more than a means to make profit in business. If you have these groups as a part of your company (and I do not know a business that doesn’t) or as the clients in your nonprofit:

  • patients
  • caregivers
  • parents
  • veterans
  • adult children of the elderly
  • Boomers
  • Gen-Xers
  • Millenials (they are 25% of current caregivers)
  • patients that have an active chronic illness or
  • patients newly diagnosed with a chronic disease


then you need Live Better Boomer!’s information products and services and show your audience that you care. These groups having better healthcare access knowledge can lead to a decrease in healthcare costs for your company, which is better for your company’s finances.
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If consumers are aware of how to avoid multiple appointments, tests and unnecessary medications with the help of an advocate, healthcare costs will go down. Live Better Boomer!’s information can show them how. Billions of dollars are spent annually on unnecessary care and healthcare waste. Those costs affect YOUR profits and healthcare costs.

Live Better Boomer!’s information line and services can be a health & wellness initiative for your company, and you can show your employees that your company cares about their health, well-being and their lives.

Your organization needs LBB! services if your workforce, clients or customers:

  • arrive late or leave early due to caregiving duties or their own health issues
  • have a greater amount of unexpected days off for health or caregiving reasons
  • have decreased productivity due to poor concentration, health or caregiver issues (which affect YOUR profits)
  • have increased healthcare costs
  • have higher stress and less availability for business purposes
  • spend several hours per week attending to personal health issues for themselves or their loved one(s)

How Your Employees/Audience Will Benefit:

  • Employees will be able to find quality healthcare according to personal needs
  • They can proactively look for care in a timely fashion
  • They can make more informed choices which will save them stress and worry
  • They will learn to advocate for themselves and know what their principles and needs are, and apply them to their quest for care
  • Caregiving and healthcare issues of your Boomer workforce will cost your company a lot of money, productivity and time. Live Better Boomer!’s information products can show Boomers easy tips on how to decrease healthcare costs and how to take care of care-giving. Contact Tiffany now for more information on how Live Better Boomer! can help!

Services for Businesses, Agencies and Non-profits

Live Better Boomer! wants to build long-lasting relationships with businesses and non-profits that have similar missions, visions and goals. It is essential to growth, and we will never compromise on quality with any of our business relationships. Contact Tiffany for more information!

Consulting – looking for ways to show your employees that you care about their healthcare and well-being? Live Better Boomer! can help with products and services!

Coaching Programs – check out our offerings to help your employees, customers and others get their best healthcare.

Added Benefit for Your EmployeesYou can offer LBB!’s services to your employees as a benefit, to go along with health insurance health insurance.

Bulk Sales – E-books can be purchased for large groups for distribution or fundraising efforts, or to be given your audience.

Joint Ventures – LBB! is happy to partner with like-minded businesses to reach a wider audience. Find out what LBB! can do to add value to your health & wellness efforts!

Cross-Promotion – if you market LBB! as a partner or otherwise, LBB! will do the same.

Referrals – As a part of our Referral Network, LBB! will give referrals to our customers about your business products and services (and hope for the same in return!).

Conference Calls – LBB! will do conference calls about various healthcare-related topics for your audience.

Seminars/Teleseminars – Let LBB! educate your audience on healthcare access and how to advocate for themselves through workshops via telephone or computer/tablet.

Writing Services – Tiffany is a professional writer and can write articles about healthcare for your newsletter or other communications.

Events – LBB! will be happy to participate in your event that caters to a common audience.

Learning how to advocate for their best healthcare will help your audience, customers and workforce save money,
time and stress that will affect their productivity. Let Live Better Boomer! help your business save money on
healthcare costs, which saves money on your bottom line.

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