Employee Assistance Programs are organizations that help workers to be a productive and balanced. Let LBB!’s professional services be a value-add to your current benefits for your client’s employees. Your clients can build morale and loyalty, increase productivity and attendance, and empower employees with the knowledge to better their healthcare experience while saving time, money and stress.

Here are some benefits for your EAP in working with LBB!:

  • LBB! shares the same goal to enhance the lives of employees
  • A healthcare insider and social work perspective on how to manage care & treatment
  • LBB! is your partner in developing programming focusing on the benefits of healthcare & patient advocacy
  • A wealth of services to choose how LBB! will partner with or assist your present benefits
  • Help your organization craft actionable plans to positively impact employees

LBB! is offering your EAP:





Customized Programming

EAPs are a vital service to employees today. Employees’ needs are increasing and becoming more unique. Let’s work together to make not only their work-life balance better, but their healthcare experience, too!