About LBB! & Tiffany

About LBB! & Tiffany

Healthcare is broken and complex, even for the smartest and most savvy of us. You need professional help to get through healthcare's challenges. Lost in a healthcare mess? Need a bit of help with caregiving and eldercare? It's all here at LBB! This is the place for you to become healthcare literate and learn to manage your care in a way that saves you time, money and stress. Discover LBB! and Me...It All Starts with My Gram and How the "Business of Healthcare" Treated Her While on Her Deathbed. My Mom Was Her Primary Caregiver, and She Was Frazzled...LBB! Knows that Patients & Caregivers Need Help...Especially with Managing Healthcare. You can by increasing your healthcare literacy, right here at LBB! It will transform your life...guaranteed.


Healthcare Literacy & Navigation. Patient Advocacy. Caregiver Support. Eldercare Expertise.
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Only 12% of Us Are Healthcare Literate. That Affects Us All Causing High Costs, Poorer Health and Confusion.
Believe Me, I Get It. My Family Wasn’t…My Gram Was Dying…My Caregiver Mom Was Frazzled…

I’m Tiffany Matthews, founder & CEO of LBB!. I disrupt healthcare to make it better for patients and caregivers by teaching healthcare literacy and transforming consumers into Powerful Patient Partners through educational services and solutions. Healthcare literacy leads to better patient outcomes. Watching a loved one living their last days is torture…read my story here.

Yet, you have to also deal with the “business” of healthcare. That’s what healthcare is – a business. You are a customer, not just a patient. Our healthcare system supports “profits over patients.” You will have to make quick decisions with deep impact. You will be overwhelmed. There will be pressure, and little time to think about your decisions. It all happens so fast that you don’t know which way to turn.  

But, what if we could save money, time and stress in our healthcare journey? What if we could just focus on the patient (even if the patient is you) and their healing, and be prepared for the business of healthcare? What if there was a way to discover your power in healthcare and use it? 

Guess what? There is.

It is healthcare literacy, with a touch of patient advocacy.
Here at Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy, it’s all we do. And here, it’s all done for you.

You have rights & responsibilities as a patient or caregiver, and first and foremost is to exercise your power and influence in getting care. You can manage healthcare and treatment effectively and confidently, while saving time, money and stress. You will be heard. You can make choices. You will be in charge of your care, along with your provider (the expert you need)…but not without being literate in the healthcare system and the care you need.

What is healthcare literacy?

It’s the ability to understand and become more knowledgeable in necessary aspects of healthcare and the system. Healthcare literacy is the degree people have to learn and understand those concepts. Healthcare literacy refers to how well you can get the information and services you need and how well you understand them.  The higher your literacy, the better you can handle your healthcare and get good outcomes. It’s the answer for patients and caregivers to take charge of their healthcare and treatment.

It is different for each person, and consumers’ results in care can be different because literacy can be affected by:

  • education
  • experiences
  • current status of health
  • socioeconomic status
  • personal beliefs and culture
  • current knowledge of healthcare, the system and topics surrounding it
  • the level of healthcare in your area
  • the demands of the level of care the patient needs
  • the demands of the unique situation they are in – for example, a broken arm needs a completely different plan of care & treatment than someone diagnosed with diabetes.

High literacy involves education on your conditions, providers and facilities for care, knowing medical words and jargon and the personal factors affecting getting and keeping the best care available. Millions of people have low literacy, and we all pay the price for it. Here at LBB!, you will become a stronger patient and more literate in getting and keeping good care and treatment.

LBB! intends on disrupting healthcare and making it better by increasing the healthcare literacy of patients and caregivers. High literacy saves time, money and stress for all involved in the healthcare system.

LBB! Is Home to Healthcare Literacy & The Powerful Patient Partner Program™ (P4)

Here at LBB!, You Will Learn How to Manage Your Healthcare & Treatment Confidently and Efficiently...All While Maintaining Your Healthcare Power and Saving Time, Money and Stress.