LBB! has some unique qualities that are different from other advocates. You can rest assured that LBB! comes with knowledge, experience, compassion and favorable outcomes. Here are some other reasons to choose LBB! over the rest:

  • Tiffany has over 20 years of social work experience
  • Tiffany has a dual BA in Psychology/ Health & Human Services, and a Masters in Journalism
  • Tiffany has worked in hospitals, nursing facilities and a healthcare advocacy company
  • In being a social worker, Tiffany has the advocacy experience to work for clients and get favorable outcomesdiverse older adults
  • Tiffany has been a healthcare insider privy to information that other advocates may not have about the business of the healthcare system
  • Tiffany has knowledge of many resources that can address your needs
  • Tiffany is extremely passionate about great healthcare for everyone, because we all deserve it
  • Tiffany has the point of view of a healthcare insider, social worker, caregiver and a patient

Don’t let others fool you into thinking they are qualified because they have limited experience in the healthcare system. I am not trying to disrespect any advocate, but many are not privy to the business side of the healthcare business. Every advocate is a wonderful person, but since patient/healthcare advocacy is not a regulated profession by the government or other entity, basically anyone with any level of experience can hang up a shingle and call themselves an advocate. Whether you hire LBB! or not, know what you are getting before you pay your hard-earned money for assistance. Every advocate is not going to give you the same thing. Feel free to ask any questions about LBB!’s experience!