LBB! Loves & Supports Caregivers…

Caregivers have a special place in my heart. I watched my mom go through it and it was very tough on her physically and emotionally. The loving act of selflessness in caring for a loved one is a huge, and usually thankless, undertaking. LBB! is here to support you all the way.

LBB! offers caregivers:

Products and service are designed from LBB!’s Signature Offering, The Powerful Patient Partner Program™.  They were created to help caregivers handle their duties with balance, self-care for the caregiver and information on being the advocate or proxy for the person they care for. Advocacy is the other act that goes along with caregiving. You will be the spokesperson and contact for your loved one. You can be prepared through what LBB! has to offer.

Thank you for what you do!