Where We Find Caregivers…

LBB! Has Unique Services for Just About Everyone!

But specifically, LBB! has solutions for health literacy for caregivers and businesses. Take a look below to see how LBB! can help you with your health literacy. LBB!’s Signature Offering, The Powerful Patient Partner Program™, caters to all types of learners. All products are derived from the program’s contents.

Caregivers can benefit from all of the topics in the Powerful Patient Partner Program™. You can find out how to be the caregiver who is in charge of the care of the one you love, and be confident and effective in doing it.

Businesses can discover a value-add to their benefit packages, a guest for a speaker series, or a new health & wellness program for all of their employees.

LBB!’s hope is to reach the masses in an effective way. So, here are some places where we look for caregivers to reach many as efficiently as possible:



Homeowner Associations

Non-Profits & Caregiver Organizations

Health & Wellness Companies