What LBB! Is and Is Not

Many people are not yet familiar with the concept of what healthcare & patient advocacy is.

Advocacy is the process of championing a cause on behalf of another, like patient advocates do. Private professional advocates are the only ones who have no other interests than the patient’s. If you want to know where the loyalty of an advocate is, ask them where their paycheck comes from. If it is from the hospital or an agency, please know that they will be constricted in helping you by the rules and budgets of where they work!

So I am here to let you know what LBB! is and what it is not.

LBB! is not:

  • A physician’s office
  • An insurance company or broker
  • A healthcare or nursing facility
  • A home health care company
  • Health insurance
  • Any kind of healthcare provider

Now, what LBB! is:

A healthcare & patient advocacy company that assists people in standing up and speaking out for the best healthcare possible. Here, you will learn to manage your care with confidence through learning and assistance from a former social worker and healthcare insider, family member and patient. LBB! creates Powerful Patient Partners™, who are champions for their care. They gain peace of mind because their healthcare & treatment is in order and they are prepared for emergencies. Their healthcare experience will become better and they will save time, money and stress.