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Your healthcare is important — take control and take the steps to make it better.
Your Healthcare Power Pak will help you get better healthcare from your providers, help you manage medications for yourself or a loved one and choosing an advocate for your healthcare.
The Healthcare Power Pak just needs a quick sign up, and is full of great information that is easy to read. Your investment of time here is very small (just a few seconds!), and the payoff for using the Pak can help you greatly.
Here is what will come in your “Healthcare Power Pak”:
  • Medication Management Form: a form to help you keep track of all of your meds, including what they are for and what doctor prescribed them
  • Getting Hip to HIPAA: this brief guide will give you the quick facts on what you need to know about the HIPAA laws of 1996. When accessing healthcare, this law is critical to your getting the care you deserve
  • Choosing A Healthcare Advocate: this guide includes some tips on who you should choose as the person that can make your healthcare decisions in case you cannot
  • More and more freebies to come!

Please complete the information below. Let me know you want your Healthcare Power Pak in the subject line! I cannot wait to help you get on the road to your best healthcare. Let’s do this…together.

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