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LBB! is a private-pay service and is not covered with insurance. Find out why here.

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LBB!’s Powerful Patient Coaching is affordable and can be tailored around your schedule. Help is personalized and directed specifically toward your situation. Great, right?  Use Tiffany’s professional skills to get you through your new diagnosis, your hospital stay, or choosing a doctor or healthcare plan.

When you choose to be a part of a coaching program, you are choosing to improve your circumstances and make a wise investment in yourself. Coaching is a transaction made to create the results you truly want.

Who is this kind of coaching for?

  • For those confused and/or frustrated by their healthcare experience
  • Caregivers of spouses or other loved ones
  • For those diagnosed with a chronic condition
  • For those who want to take charge of their healthcare experience & are tired of the status quo
  • Adult children of older parents
  • Patients who have too much advice from too many healthcare providers
  • Employers who need a health & wellness program for employees, or who need to save on their business bottom line

Coaching Benefits

  • Relieve the stress and pressure of healthcare situations
  • Increase your focus on your particular circumstances
  • Unlock obstacles in order to reach goals
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence
  • Coaching is done according to your needs, finances and schedule
  • Gain the insight you needs to reach your goals
  • Get as little or as much coaching as you want

 Coaching topics

  • learning how to advocate for your best care
  • hospital stays
  • managing medications
  • caregiving advice, resources and referrals for in-depth help
  • help with your healthcare insurance and choosing a good plan
  • help with billing and claims
  • finding the best doctor or other healthcare provider for you and your family
  • making the most of your healthcare visits
  • finding out about advance directives
  • handling a chronic diagnosis
  • handling complaints
  • researching healthcare facilities including assisted living and nursing facilities
  • questioning/communicating with your healthcare providers
  • getting resources you need
  • doing your healthcare homework
  • fall prevention and referrals for in-depth help
  • patient rights
  • healthcare injustice
  • insurance claims and billing
  • chronicling your complete medical history
  • and more!

Coaching & Care Plans

Get Tiffany’s personal touch through her phone conversations which are strategically conducted to get to the root of your healthcare issues. We can talk about your circumstances and what can be done to help you. Take as little or as much time as you need to make sure you have your questions answered and your concerns addressed.

All calls come with care plans for you to follow and help you get through your crisis and include follow-up. Care plans are written courses of action that spell out thoroughly what needs to be done, by whom and a timeline.

 Care plans are thoroughly researched and completed with your needs in mind. Care plan costs are completed at the hourly rate for coaching, because the completion or the care plan depends on the amount of time and research involved to resolve your issues.

If you have continued questions after the phone call and care plan, the charge for the phone call will be at my hourly rate. Edits may be made to the care plan after your review will be charged at an hourly rate – but the first edit is FREE.

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You can choose the time that is convenient for you to discuss these points:

  •       where you are in your healthcare journey
  •       where you want to be in your healthcare journey
  •           the obstacles to reaching your goals
  •       what you have already tried
  •       find out what LBB!’s services can help you

I cannot wait to talk with you and help you get on the road to your best healthcare. Let’s do this…together.

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