Here Is How Live Better Boomer! Can Help You…

LBB! is a private-pay service and is not covered with insurance. Our government has not
regulated advocacy, however, I think it is on the horizon. You can become A Powerful Patient…let LBB! give you the tools and confidence you need through our services.

Get the help that you need through:         Schedule Your Free Healthcare Strategy Call!

Speaking Services (seminars, Lunch-n-Learns, panels, etc.)
Teleseminars/Webinars (coming soon!)
Personal healthcare coaching/care planning
Advocacy On The Go!
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Let Tiffany Do Everything…

What Matters/Topics Can Tiffany Help You With?

  • Home Health Assistance
  • Family Mediation (discussion & decision-making)
  • Advocacy Assistance
  • Decision-Making Assistance/Support
  • New Diagnosis Assistance
  • Advance Directives Assistance
  • Healthcare Insurance – Choosing and Reviewing Policies  
  • How to Become and Stay a Patient-in-Charge
  • Patient’s Rights Assistance                                                                           
  • Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider for YOU
  • Hospital Stays (planned or unplanned)                                                           
  • Places to Get the Right Care
  • Medicaid Applications                                                                                  
  • Fall Prevention
  • Medical/Navigational Assistance                                                                    
  • Caregiving Assistance
  • Geriatric/Eldercare Assistance                                                                      
  • Eldercare Resources
  • Discharge Planning (from hospital or nursing facility)                                      
  • Care Planning
  • Preparedness for & Getting the Most of Healthcare Appointments                      
  • Choosing a Healthcare Advocate/Proxy
  • Medication Management                                                                                
  • And So Much More!

Continued Services

Once LBB! clients reach their desired healthcare goals, they have the option of continuing support through the same or other packages with me. I want to be with you every step of the way and give you knowledgeable and compassionate advice and direction, for the entire length or your circumstances or crisis.