The Quest for Good Healthcare Never Stops

It’s been a long time since I have written here, but it had to do with what? Healthcare issues in my family. Yes, a healthcare advocate dealing with healthcare issues. How appropriate.

Anyhoo, you would not believe the things that I have witnessed since I last wrote in my blog. I should have written during the sleepless nights I had wondering if the individuals in my family would be ok, but my mind was so exhausted in dealing with doctor’s appointments, paperwork, making sure that all of our healthcare providers were on the same page, calling our insurance company and making sure that they covered our appointments, procedures, durable medical equipment, medications and the multitude of other things that we needed to make sure that we were and are alright.

It’s frustrating and exhausting for me, and I AM A HEALTHCARE ADVOCATE. I truly feel for people that have no clue where to begin in handling their healthcare issues and having extremely pressing issues on their hands. Patient navigators in hospitals and other facilities look out for the interests of the HOSPITAL, not the patient. An advocate, a real advocate, makes sure that the needs of the patient are met. Just so happens that for the past few months, my family have been patients.

From colds and sinuses and allergies to orthopedic issues to heart conditions, I have been the one that has had to speak up for my family’s needs, talk to doctors and therapists, and make sure the medicine was the right dosage and for the right person (I’m not joking).

As an advocate for yourself or your loved ones, you have to be prepared and ready to go at any time. You cannot back down if a healthcare provider tries to brush you off. You should keep your eye on the prize, which is the best healthcare possible for yourself and your family. Do whatever is within your means to make that happen, in a positive way of course. You won’t catch any flies with vinegar.

Stay tuned here for tips and tricks to get the best healthcare for you and your loved ones. You can’t afford not to…