The Objective is to Stay at Home

I do not know any Boomer or older adult that wants to leave their home to get any kind of formal healthcare. I have never run into anyone that wants to go to a hospital or nursing home to stay. I am almost positive that no one woke up one morning and said, “You know, I really think I would like to leave my home of umpteen years and go stay at my local nursing home with strangers.”


Many companies on the horizon that are offering products and services that are designed to help older adults remain at home independently. There are sensors and machines that you can hook updiverse group in one’s home to tell if they have increased blood pressure or if they have wandered out of range (usually due to dementia), there are buttons and necklaces to let paramedics know that you are in trouble and there are companies that perform “check-ins” or calls to find out if your loved one is safe at home. Have you seen those commercials with the savvy older ladies talking about their necklaces that connect to police, fire and ambulance services?


Much more, there are “communities” that are sprouting up consisting of people who not only want to remain in their homes, but that are counting on one another for care if they need it. Community members are trading off chores and errands to reach the common goal of having everyone remain in their homes.


If you notice, there is an urgent care clinic or a retail (pharmacy, usually) clinic on every corner now, just like Starbucks. Home health care agencies and area agencies on aging make it so that formal programs can assist you in staying at home or caring for one who wishes to remain at home and get care. You can simply look up these agencies on your computer through a reputable search engine like Google or Yahoo.


These older adult communities seem to be a new trend, and they consist of neighbors and fellow older adults that will work together to make sure they can all remain in the community.
This may not be an option for everyone, but it deserves some investigation. There is a great article in the New York Times that talks about this phenomenon and asks if it is the best thing for people.


What do you think? Is your community practicing this trend? I would love to know what you think!


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