You will have the chance to learn of many different topics concerning getting and keeping good healthcare through our teleseminars. What are teleseminars you ask?

Teleseminars are classes or workshops that are given by phone. You don’t have to travel, find parking or even get dressed (please have something on!) to get good information about our different topics. ¬†All you need to do is call into the assigned number and give your assigned PIN. Long distance charges will apply.

Because these teleseminars will be immediately useful and not fluff dancing around the subject, there will be fees (Very inexpensive!) for registering. Teleseminars will be held on Tuesdays at 8pm EST, 5pm PST starting September 6th, 2016.

Topics include (these are the same topics with which I assist my clients, family and friends):

  • Choosing a healthcare proxy
  • Insurance claims and billing
  • Caregiving tips and resources
  • Making a complaint about your treatment
  • Why it’s important to have a document of your complete medical history
  • Geriatric/Eldercare Assistance
  • Why your pharmacist should be your best friend
  • Medications management
  • Advocating for your best care
  • Choosing a good healthcare insurance plan
  • Nursing facility navigation
  • Assisting with your hospital stay
  • Patient’s Rights
  • Medicaid Assistance
  • Hospital & nursing facility discharge planning
  • Dealing with a difficult diagnosis
  • Advance directives
  • Choosing the right healthcare provider for you
  • Communicating with your healthcare provider
  • Making the most of a doctor’s visit
  • Resources for help with your situation
  • Fall prevention
  • Finding the right doctor for you
  • And much, much more!

Come back to the LBB! website to find out schedules for different topics! We will have experts on different topics, as well as a useful Q & A during each teleseminar!

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