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I am so glad you are here. You have to know that your health is your biggest, most important treasure. You have power within the healthcare system, even if you don’t know it. I guarantee it. It is not a systems without patients/consumers. They need you as much as you need care. So start exercising your power to get better treatment during your treatment! LBB! is here to show you how.

You can find out all about LBB!, How LBB! Serves and Who LBB! Serves. I am most proud of our Signature Educational offering, the Powerful Patient Partner Program™. All products & services are derived via the A.C.E. Method™, created by LBB!’s Founder & CEO, Tiffany Matthews (me).

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Here is What I Know About You…

You Say Things to Yourself Like:

  • I have a serious illness, and I feel like I have to pay more attention to getting through the healthcare system than to my disease.”
  • “I have heard so many healthcare horror stories. I don’t want something like that to happen to me.”
  • We are so frustrated. We try to find a way to make our healthcare experience a better one, but it just isn’t happening.
  •  Trying to get the right care for our family is a full-time job.”
  • I can’t find the time to deal with all of these incorrect claims and bills, because everyone I have to call to correct them is closed when I come home from work. The claims should have been correct in the first place!”
  • I am so confused. My doctor says I can get this procedure, but my insurance company will not pay for it.”
  • I feel like I have no control over the care I get. I pay all this money for premiums, still have to pay co-pays and deductibles, and the care I get is still terrible.”
  • “I know people that come out of the hospital worse than when they went in. Then, when they do get out, they have to go back in because they should have never left!”
  • “I wish that I could find a doctor that I like. One that would take the time to get to know me and my situation, but I have no idea how to get started.”
  • “I’m really frightened about what will happen to my loved one. They are in the midst of a healthcare crisis and I don’t know how to begin to help them.”

Or Because This Is You…

  • You’ve experienced a doctor rushing you through an appointment so he can meet his patient quota that day, and you are saying to yourself,  “there has to be a better way”
  • You need a new doctor (maybe because of a new condition), or are getting really fed-up with the one you have
  • You want to make sure that you and your family get the very best healthcare that you can minus the frustration and confusion
  • You have had a recent hospitalization and the bills are piling up, and you do not know where to begin in handling 
  • them
  • You’d like to eliminate the ups and downs of your healthcare experience,  with proven methods that have worked for hundreds of patients and families that I have worked with
  • You make to make your healthcare providers pay attention to you
  • You need to know what to ask you healthcare providers and what to say to them to make them listen to you
  • Your health insurance plan is a complete mystery to you
  • Your medications are difficult for you to deal with
  • You have been diagnosed with a chronic illness that you have to deal with and it is taking over your life, or you are helping a loved one with their diagnosis, and need help transitioning through it and focusing on healing
  • You are in charge of healthcare for your entire family and you want to make your experience easier

Here is What You Need Right Now…


  • You need the information that will bring you from confusion to empowerment in your healthcare journey
  • You need compassion and an ear, not only to listen, but to help
  • You need a healthcare social worker, advocate and patient who knows her stuff to help you get through it all, with the compassion and patience you deserve
  • You need someone that has been in the healthcare system, and knows how it works
  • You need someone that is on your side, looking out for your healthcare interests, not someone that is interested in how much money your illness or vulnerability can make them
  • You need the questions to ask your healthcare providers to enhance your visits with them
  • You need the confidence to manage your healthcare and to shift your mindset to knowing that you deserve the best care
  • You need to make your healthcare providers accountable for your care and get the best out of your healthcare visits
  • You need to be able to spend precious time and energy with your loved ones and on enjoyable things, not deal with the business of healthcare
  • You need someone that will cheer you on through your victories and someone who will help you through your hard times
  • You need to know when and what to ask interacting with providers

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