Telemedicine & Other Services

What is Telemedicine? How Will It Help?

A new trend in healthcare where you do not have to leave your location to see a board-certified physician and get a diagnosis of what is happening with you and your family. 

LBB! works with Call A Doctor Plus, which provides telemedicine services, help with medical bills, counseling and a discount card for medical services and products.

For a small fee per month (which is probably cheaper than a dinner out for the family), you can receive care, a diagnosis and prescriptions. This is especially helpful for those who cannot afford healthcare coverage, but still need to talk to a doctor.

Both families and businesses can benefit from telemedicine services to save themselves and their employees time, money and stress. Companies can support their employee productivity and attendance efforts.

Check out LBB!’s telemedicine portal to find out how it can benefit you and your family.

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