Proactive Patient Support Call

In 30 powerful minutes, you can discover how to get the help you need and get focused and take on your healthcare and treatment.

Need immediate help right now? During our call you will (book it at the bottom of the page!):  

  • Discuss your healthcare situation – Together, we’ll get you in touch with a vision for your healthcare, whether you are a caregiver or have a chronic illness
  • Understand the roadblocks – We’ll create better understanding of your roadblocks to better care and how to move them out of the way
  • Get Immediate Help and Support from Me – We will get you focused and ready to step into action, *knowing* that this is completely possible for you

Many do not realize how important their healthcare is until they are in crisis. If you are stuck in a confusing situation, or you need support NOW for:

  • a doctor’s appointment
  • a new diagnosis
  • choosing healthcare insurance
  • managing your chronic illness
  • translating medical information
  • meeting with doctors

You can speak to me alone, or have me available for your providers. I will ask them questions and work strictly on the patient’s or caregiver’s behalf.

Book an appointment now and let’s discuss your situation. This offer is for people READY to make a positive change in their healthcare.I cannot wait to talk with you and help you get on the road to your best healthcare. Let’s do this…together.