Powerful Patient Planning™

You’re lost. Confused. Stressed out. You have to work. To take care of your family. Take care of your loved ones…

You need help. Guidance. A way out of all of the confusion and overwhelm of your situation. It’s right here at LBB!

Powerful Patient Planning™ is the way to bringing you out of the circumstances that bind you.

I will speak to you about your situation and give you a comprehensive assessment of what your particular situation is. I will listen while you describe the things that you need help with and cannot handle. I will determine the help that you need and we will determine a path you can take that will assist you with your circumstances.

It will be a document that is sent to you and you can follow to ensure the best healthcare and what you will need for your future care and well-being. Let me help you to:

  • help you create a plan for caregiving and patient power
  • make you aware of what you need and what you do not
  • make you aware of and receive assistance from community resources
  • advise you of advance directives
  • patient goals and wishes
  • the need for environmental changes
  • a list of things to complete to help you improve your situation

We will walk through it all together, and you will come out with a plan that will work for you. After writing hundreds of these for a living, I know this will be of help and major value to you

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