Powerful Patient Partner Program™

LBB!’s Signature Educational Product…The Powerful Patient Partner Program™

This is the epitome of what a patient advocate can teach. Having been a social worker and healthcare insider for many years, I saw the injustices that happen in healthcare with my own eyes. It really didn’t hit home until my own grandmother was treated negatively on her deathbed. It was crushing for my entire family.

I started with just one e-book about hospital stays and what everyone needs to know to get through a hospital stay safely. But I said, “why not try to inform the public about many different aspects of healthcare & patient advocacy?

So, the Powerful Patient Partner Program was born. It took several years to put together, and I know that it will transform you into a patient that is active, strong and inquisitive in your care & treatment. This program and its design are exclusive to LBB!

LBB! P4™ Tracks include:

  • Caregiving Track – how to handle caregiving duties, self-care for caregivers, caregiver stress & burnout and getting help before you need it 
  • Choosing the Best Insurance Track – help in choosing the best health coverage for you and your loved ones, a glossary of terms and methods to choose the best plan 
  • Lowering Your Healthcare Costs Track – I give tips that empower patients to save money in their healthcare journey
  • Hospital Stays Track – survive your hospital stay from start to finish with everything you need to do, ask and say

  • Care Coordination Track – learn how to get all of your providers on the same page and the benefits of being the captain of your healthcare team
  • Getting the Best Healthcare Track – the things you need to do to have a better healthcare experience
  • Where to Get Care Track – I describe the different types of places to get care, and help you discover the best place for you to go to get the right kind of care while saving time, money and stress

  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities Track – as a patient you have rights in hospitals, at doctor’s offices and with your healthcare plan. But you also have responsibilities…
  • Behavioral Changes in Response to Healthcare Track – in order to get the best healthcare, you need to do a self-inventory and change your attitude, mindset and behavior while getting care
  • Fall Prevention Track – falls can be devastating, especially to seasoned adults. Find out how to minimize your risk

  • Your Complete Medical History Track – do you have a complete medical history? You can be leaving yourself open for things that can go wrong…
  • Managing Your Medications Track – taking your medications can literally mean the difference between life and death. Find out what to do and how to do it
  • Advance Directives Track – want to keep your healthcare power even when you cannot make decisions for yourself? Find out how advance directives can help