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Managing your own healthcare does not come without effort – but this website will do the intricate and necessary research on topics important to healthcare and eldercare advocacy. This will help you begin to manage your healthcare issues in ways that will save you time, money, stress and female doctorfrustration.

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  • learn the tools you need to advocate for your healthcare
  • choose the best healthcare plans & providers for your care
  • learn to navigate the maze of our current healthcare system
  • learn ways to save yourself time, money and stress
  • learn ways to manage your treatment effectively

Just look at the topics we will review:

Home Health Assistance  
Family Mediation (discussion & decision-making)
Advocacy Assistance  
Decision-Making Assistance/Support

New Diagnosis Assistance
Advance Directives Assistance

Healthcare Insurance – Choosing and Reviewing Policies
How to Become and Stay Empowered
Patient’s Rights Assistance                                                                         
Hospital Stays (planned or unplanned)
Places to Get the Right Care

Medicaid Applications  
Fall Prevention

Medical/Navigational Assistance
Caregiving Assistance

Geriatric/Eldercare Assistance
Eldercare Resources

Discharge Planning (from hospital or nursing facility)
Care Planning

Preparedness for & Getting the Most of Healthcare Appointments
Choosing a Healthcare Advocate/Proxy

Medication Management  
And So Much More!