I’m in Love with My Orthopedic Surgeon

When one thinks of love, they think of wondrous times – maybe dressed to the nines for a candlelit dinner, a trip abroad, or kissing their significant other on a moonlit beach. Ahhh, love.
It’s not really like that for me and my orthopedic surgeon – more like fluorescent-light exam, paper gowns, a trip to the x-ray room and absolutely no kissing. Maybe a hug.
I was in the midst of a divorce from another orthopedic surgeon who, for the life of him, could not tell me why I was still in pain after knee surgery. We had differing opinions about what to do next.stethoscope
During my divorce from my previous ortho surgeon, I asked a friend what to do. We always lean on friends during those difficult break-up times. My friend happened to be my physical therapist, who said to get a second opinion. And I did. That is where I found my new love.


I am in love with my orthopedic surgeon because he is exactly the type of doctor that makes sure his patients are pleased, and that they feel important.


I am always in and out of his office in less than one hour. He realizes that the time of his patients is precious. At my last appointment, I was in and out so quickly, that a patient waiting for another doctor saw me and said, “I was here before you! How did you get in and out so quickly? I’m waiting here most of the day each time I come here!” I referred her to my love, my new ortho surgeon, Dr. Eric Hume, of Penn Orthopedics in Philadelphia, PA.
Why do I love him (let me count the ways):
  • He takes the time to listen to me
  • He wants to know what is going on in my environment that may contribute to my condition
  • He explains things completely until I understand them
  • He explains why he has chosen a specific diagnosis for me
  • He reads my test results and goes over them with me thoroughly
  • He loves the list of questions I come in with every time I see him
  • He prefers a smart patient – one that comes in prepared to utilize his expertise and looking for genuine responses from their healthcare professional
  • He is compassionate, and will tell me the truth about what is going on
  • He gives me a plan of action before I leave to work on, one that is OK with me
  • He gives nice hugs at the end of the visit
  • He is a staunch advocate for his patients – he wants to be utilized, and isn’t worried about time constraints for his appointments
I’m being very dramatic about this, but in reality, every doctor should treat their patients in that way. If you do not have a doctor that is in line with your beliefs and values, find one that is. If your doctor, whoever it is, doesn’t do the same things for you, then you should find a love like mine. You deserve that and your health may depend on it.


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