Free Gift

LBB! Wants to Give You a Free Gift!

Individuals, families and companies can benefit from a healthcare & patient advocacy program. Here at LBB!, programs are designed with a patient-centered focus, and to save time, money and stress. Everyone can sign up below and see how!


For Individuals, Families & Caregivers

I want you to know that you have healthcare power. Your free gift will help you to exercise it. Just fill out the short form below and download “Five Ways to Change Your Healthcare Now.”


For Businesses, Agencies, EAPs, Non-Profits and Homeowner’s Associations

Your Free Gift entails what a healthcare & patient advocacy program can do for your employees and/or residents. It’s called “10 Ways A Healthcare & Patient Advocacy Program Can Help Your Business.” 55+ communities can use this for their employees and people in their communities. Download it now!