Education (the “E” in A.C.E.)

A critical aspect of LBB!’s offerings, the education you receive here will transform you into the patient advocate you and your loved ones need. You will be given the tools and the avenues to make your healthcare a better experience if you make the effort.

You must realize you deserve better care before any of our education can help you, as well as adopting an open-mind, because some of the things you may hear may be foreign to you. But that’s OK! I will turn you into a person that doesn’t stand for the healthcare status quo.

LBB!’s Flagship Program and star of the educational show is the Powerful Patient Partner Program™ or P4™.

LBB! Educational Services Include:

Topics in the Powerful Patient Partner Program™ Include:

  • Hospital Stays
  • Communication with Healthcare Providers
  • Caregiving and Advocating for Your Loved One
  • Getting the Most from Your Healthcare Appointments
  • Advocating Lowers Healthcare Costs