Healthcare Advocacy E-books

Healthcare Advocacy E-books

older man on computerEasy to read and chock full of information, LBB!’s e-books with give practical and insightful information on a variety of topics to improve your healthcare immediately (see them below!).

Live Better Boomer! offers a range of e-books–all designed to help you reach your potential in getting the best healthcare. They are designed for self-learners that can take off on their own, or those that want to find out more about the topics available. 

The LBB! e-book line is designed to get you the answers and give you the information you need quickly and in a no-nonsense format. Each e-book in the LBB! line is an easy read, with encouraging and compassionate answers that give just the facts. These e-books were heavily and thoroughly researched and took years to author.

LBB! offers e-books on these topics:

Navigating Your Hospital Stay – this extensive guide will assist you before, during and after your planned or unplanned hospital stay. It will show you the things that can and will happen, how to deal with hospital staff, and making sure you have a plan to get discharged properly. This guide is chock full of information to make your hospital stay better, and ways to advocate for yourself when problems arise.

Advance Directives – You can take control of your life and destiny even if you are in a position where you are unable to make decisions. Use this guide to find out how an advance directive can help you.

Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan – This guide will help you to choose a healthcare insurance plan that will fit your needs. It also has a helpful glossary so you understand all the terms that are a part of insurance plans.

Dealing with a Difficult Diagnosis – At one point or another, most of us will deal with a chronic diagnosis that will change our life. Find out in this e-book how to remain in control.

Managing Your Medications – Medication management is a vital importance to good health. But managing them can be a full time job this e-book can provide some help to make handling your medications easier.


Advocating for Your Best Care – You can learn to manage your own health care, without all the stress and frustration, and save money and time while doing it. You have the power to make choices and stand up for your rights and getting good health care treatment – use it through this guide.


Eldercare Resources – This e-book is a listing of agencies, websites and resources that can assist you if you are a Boomer, caregiver or older adult. This can get you started in getting the help you need, and lead you to other resources.


Caregiving Tips – While honorable, caregiving can be a stressful and thankless job. Here are some tips to keep you balanced and not burdened.


Your Complete Medical History Form – This form is designed to assist you and your medical providers in getting you the best medical care possible. Complete this document and make it a part of your permanent records and take it to every appointment that you have so you can keep it updated.


Preventing Falls – Falls are the number one accidental impairment for older adults. They make the difference between independence and total dependence. This guide will give you tips to prevent these catastrophes.


ER, Urgent Care or your PCP? When to Go Where – In getting the best health care, you must know where to go to get the right care at the right place at the right time. This e-book can show you how to do it.


Choosing the Best Doctor for You – Your doctor will be a key partner in your journey to the best health care. Making a bad choice in a healthcare provider can cost you dearly. Find out how to choose the one that’s best for you.


Healthcare Prep Visit Form – This form can help you to get the best out of the short time you have with your doctor. Preparation is key in getting the care you deserve.You can copy this as many times as you need to before use!


Get All the E-books in one package! – Purchase all of the e-books above and be well on your way to advocating for and getting the best care available to you!