Do Doctors Want Smart Patients?

The good ones do.

I tried to inform my audience regularly that times have changed in our healthcare system. Doctors no longer handle every aspect of our care. Patients have access to information about healthcare like never before. Health insurance has influence over care much more than it did 40 years ago.

These changes dictate a new doctor — patient relationship. This new dynamic allows patients to be active in their care like no other time in history. It allows them to be smart patients.

Smart patients are prepared for their healthcare journey. They are proactive rather than reactive. They ask questions, get answers, and then question the answers. Smart patients know that their health and healthcare is too important not to have a firm understanding of what is happening. They are relentless, and all of their bases are covered. Smart patients don’t mess pic

Doctors should be relieved to have patients that want to be involved with something as complex and important as someone’s healthcare. But many doctors will have to make the adjustment from captain to co – captain (that could be a messy thing for some!).

But the shift of healthcare has dictated these changes, so the adjustments must be made.

Doctor should want patients to take responsibility for themselves and their health. They should want smart patients that take on preventive measures and makes informed decisions about their care. Doctor should want patients who know when to see the doctor, and how to get the best care for themselves and their families.

But some doctors want, as the Bible says, to “pour old wine into a new bottle.” I’m sure you know what happens with that. Smart doctors will relate to their patient by tearing down the patient’s wall of intimidation and fear and treating them humanely.

So the question remains – do doctors want smart patients?

The good ones do. Make sure yours is a good one.

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Tiffany Matthews, BSW, MJ a.k.a. Healthebooklady