Hello Businesses!

Companies have many moving parts. They face dramatic changes in employee needs – ones that can affect attendance and productivity. Neither your company, nor your company finances can afford a negative trend. LBB! can help by delivering healthcare & patient advocacy programming that will serve to empower and transform your employees into Powerful Patient Partners. 

LBB! Offers Businesses:

Advocacy Services

  • Powerful Patient Planning™
  • Powerful Patient Support Calls
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Powerful Patient Partner Program™ Small Group Coaching
  • A health & wellness campaign (I partner with a company that can do a complete campaign for you)


  • Analysis of your workforce’s needs and desires
  • Recommendations for your business on how LBB! can help save healthcare dollars
  • Timeline on deliverables


  • LBB!’s signature Powerful Patient Partner Program™
  • Speaking
  • Article Writing
  • Webinars/Teleseminars
  • Membership Program
  • Small Group Coaching

Customized Programming

Your organization will:

  • Achieve agreed upon results
  • receive not only customized advocacy programming, but if interested, will also receive a heath & wellness program, which is also all digital
  • Internal communications experience, I can assist you in alerting your workforce of new programs
  • save healthcare dollars
  • have a positive impact on attendance, morale, satisfaction, loyalty and productivity
  • receive a timeline of agreed upon deliverables
  • get the expertise of a healthcare insider and former social worker
  • independent objectivity from a healthcare expert and her partners
  • have no need for training, benefits or office space for me