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Tiffany Matthews, BSW, MJ…Founder & CEO of LBB!

Former Social Worker, Former Healthcare Insider, Speaker, Patient Advocate, Consultant & Educator and Healthcare Disruptor (*whew*)

I created Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy because I wanted to find a way to combine her passions for good healthcare for all and for writing about it. I hold a dual BA in Psychology/Health & Human services from the University at Buffalo, and a Masters in Journalism from Temple University.

I have been a published freelance writer since 2006, and have been a social worker since 1995. I have seen the frustration and pain people have gone through, not just because of our nation’s broken healthcare system, but because people simply do not know what to do when a healthcare crisis occurs.

Not only have I seen how health care works through helping hundreds of clients, families, caregivers and chronically ill professionally, but through helping family and friends personally. My beloved grandmother serves as inspiration for my mission – to help everyone learn how to get the care they deserve. I am also a patient, so I have been in your shoes and have had my own healthcare crisis. Having been through negative situations myself, I can tell you first-hand, that handling your healthcare is not an easy task – even for an advocate.

Seeing the injustices that occur in hospitals and nursing homes caused me to pen all of the E-books of Live Better Boomer!’s Powerful Patient Partner Program™. Live Better Boomer! services also include coaching/consulting for individuals and companies and other avenues to reach Boomers and assist them with their healthcare.

Health care is and will remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. But I have coined a phrase, “Healthcare Reform means nothing if healthcare delivery in America does not change. The treatment during your treatment must be good.”

I also have experience in internal/employee communications, crisis communications, creative writing and project management.

Let me help you get the health care you deserve. Get the knowledge and confidence that you need to manage your healthcare correctly. Live Better Boomer! is guaranteed to help Boomers in their quest for the best care.

I care so deeply about this cause that I have dedicated my career to it. I want to see everyone get the very best care, and I want to teach them that the power is already inside of them.

Why did you form Live Better Boomer!?

As many negatives as I saw in the healthcare system, I have been a party to the madness in working for them. I was a part of the engine. To maintain myself emotionally, I had to distance myself from how hospitals and nursing homes I worked in treated patients, residents and their families.

All of it did not hit home until it happened to MY family. You can read about it here. After what happened to my dear grandmother, I was inspired to take my knowledge and experience to help people get their best healthcare. I give people options they can use in their healthcare journey so they can make informed decisions — and develop theirHealthcare Power.”

What is advocacy and why is it important to me? Why is it important for me to advocate for my best healthcare?

For answers to questions about advocacy and what it means to you, please click here.

A Little More About Tiffany!

  • I am a passionate healthcare & patient advocate, with compassion and the skills and resources to assist you with your healthcare experience

  • I have been a social worker for over 15 years

  • I have experience in advocacy personally and professionally

  • Tiffany has worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of families (including her own) and clients in explaining their rights and responsibilities in the healthcare system

  • I am a former social worker who has experience with children, seniors, recovering addicts

  • I have worked for nursing facilities, an advocacy company, a hospital, non-profits agencies and two Area Agency on Aging

  • I also have experience in hospital leadership, eldercare and geriatrics, care planning, healthcare navigation, caregiving support, internal communications, project management and advocacy

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