Advocating for Your Health Can Be A Full Time Job

If you are not out on disability, and have to deal with your own or someone else’s chronic conditions, you have TWO jobs. Face it.

Right now, I am helping a client with chronic pain get the medications that she needs – however, her insurance requires that she go by their rules of trying three other medications on their “formulary list” before she gets the one her doctor wants her to have. In other words, her doctor wants her to have a really expensive medication for which there is no generic, and that formulary list contains cheaper, and possibly, inappropriate medications for patients. But patients must try them in order to see if their pain can be lessened and money can be saved. That’s the name of the game, folks.

What’s worse with this patient, is she has met the criteria for the insurance to give her the medication that she wants, but they still insist she tries another. That means they are making her go beyond their rules and still try another cheaper medication instead of the one her doctor recommended. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

You get on the phone. You make the calls and make sure that everyone is on the same page. You wait on call backs. And to be honest, this is just one task for one medication for one condition that this particular client has. Think about it. Managing her care is a full time job.

Managing your care or the care of a loved one properly requires extensive thought, patience, time and effort. Or it should. I have said it before and I have said it again, the days of healthcare being handled by your healthcare providers are loooong gone. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE. PERIOD. And because your health is your greatest treasure, you had better believe it deserves the time that you will put into it. Which maybe as long as a full-time job. Again, name of the game, folks.

It is too much for some people. GET HELP. Hire an advocate like me to help you. This is the kind of stuff that we love to do. Either way, management of your healthcare is just that important, and you can hire someone to do it who has already taken it on as a full time job! What a novel idea!

That will free you up to focus on the things that you need and want to pay attention to, such as family and that wonderful concept you call a life.