LBB!’s Advocacy on the Go! Telephone Services

Need me on the run? Do You Need an Advocate for:

  • An upcoming doctor’s appointment
  • A “family meeting” at a hospital
  • Any upcoming meeting concerning the patient
  • Upon admission to a hospital or nursing facility
  • Upon discharge from a hospital or a nursing facility
  • Helping you ask questions about a new diagnosis

Book an appointment for LBB!’s Advocacy on the Go! to get help by phone. Make sure your appointment that lines up with the time you will need help, even if it is before, during or after your appointment. Make sure your provider knows that you need to put my name on the chart as a contact for you and that they have permission to speak to me as your advocate.

This service will give you Tiffany directly wherever you are via a HIPAA-secure communication method to ask questions and advocate on your behalf with your healthcare providers.

For an hourly rate (billed in 15-min. increments), Tiffany will:

  • give advice on your situation
  • address your healthcare concerns and needs
  • help you to understand what’s happening at your appointment
  • ask questions of your provider to make things clearer for the patient
  • ask questions about a new diagnosis
  • ask questions about a new medication
  • deal with any billing errors or establish payment plans
  • give you quick and effective answers
  • consult with providers to get you the best care

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