LBB! Principles & Goals

Mission Statement

“To revolutionize healthcare and make it easier for everyone through increasing consumers’ healthcare literacy & practicing patient advocacy, and saving all parties involved time, money and stress.”

The mission of Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy is to educate and empower patients, caregivers and the chronically ill to successfully navigate the healthcare system by learning to manage aspects of their healthcare confidently through lessons in healthcare literacy. Live Better Boomer! wants to change the healthcare system by showing consumers that they have the power to demand better care. It will take effort, but everyone can become a Powerful Patient Partner.


For all patients to obtain and retain the best healthcare possible by managing their own care by creating Powerful Patient Partners. A demand for better care & delivery will change the healthcare system for the better.


Live Better Boomer!’s values include:HACodeBadge-small

  • Integrity — LBB! does it’s best to hold to our word. You can count on knowledgeable and compassionate care and assistance.
  • Good Treatment – clients are priority #1 at LBB! You will be treated with dignity and respect. And rest assured, any and all information will be kept private.
  • Compassion — Live Better Boomer! has a strong desire to assist in the issues that keep people from getting and keeping good healthcare.
  • Service — LBB! is unique by design. We offer guidance to make your own decisions and peace of mind, as well as the confidence to manage your care. Clients can lean on the experience of a former healthcare social worker (15+ years), and get peace of mind and confidence to manage their care effectively. LBB! services are exclusive and non-paralleled.

Goals…LBB! wants to…

  • Reduce the cost of healthcare for patients, insurance plans and businesses, which will affect government spending and the U.S. GNP
  • Teach patients and caregivers how to take an active role in care & treatment
  • Teach patients and caregivers to “fish”, instead of feeding them for a day, like advocacy companies do
  • Create a nation of Powerful Patient Partners™
  • Make our healthcare system less disjointed and much more understandable
  • Show businesses a new plan for Health & Wellness campaigns, or provide a value-add to benefits, which will save healthcare dollars and increase employee productivity, morale and satisfaction
  • Build trusted relationships with clients
  • Be a one-stop shop for all things patient and healthcare advocacy

LBB! will change the trajectory of how healthcare is delivered in America. WE will do it together.