Mission Statement

The mission of Live Better Boomer! is to educate and empower boomers, caregivers, the newly insured and the chronically ill to successfully navigate the healthcare system by learning to advocate forrbrb_0445 themselves. All Live Better Boomer! Information is derived from a healthcare social work perspective and gives clients the tools and knowledge they will need to handle their providers for a hospital stay, document their medical history, manage their medications, handle a difficult diagnosis and other aspects of obtaining and retaining good healthcare. Live Better Boomer! wants to change the healthcare system by showing consumers that they have the power to demand better care. Enough is enough in the American healthcare system…it’s time for a change and Boomers have just the revolutionary spirit to do it. It will take effort, but everyone can become their own healthcare CEO.


Live Better Boomer!’s vision is to enhance the healthcare system by supplying its clients with education and tools to help them advocate for their best care. The hope is to change the healthcare system in America by changing healthcare delivery through the demand of consumers. The more complicated healthcare becomes, patient advocacy will grow. LBB! wants to be on the frontline of this growth.


Live Better Boomer!’s values include:HACodeBadge-small

  • Integrity — we will do our best to do what we say.
  • Passion — the fervor to change healthcare is clear through relentless pursuit to educate clients on their power within their healthcare journey.
  • Compassion — Live Better Boomer! Has a strong desire to assist in the issues that keep people from getting and keeping good healthcare.
  • Service — no sleazy ideas here, no scare tactics. Live Better Boomer! works on the basis of how we can support and serve.