LBB! Partners & Friends

Live Better Boomer! is continuously looking to partner with like-minded businesses with similar missions.

It is one of the many goals of LBB! to build a network that caters to the needs of Baby Boomers, the newly insured,
the disabled, the chronically ill, and their loving caregivers. 
If you have that kind of business, mission, vision or values
and want to discuss a partnership with Live Better Boomer!, contact Tiffany today

Premier Partner – Omega Senior Care Council – Board of Advisors Member

The OMEGA Senior Care Council is a single source of care providers and advisers who help people with eldercare needs. and provides a platform for local groups like us to offer the following services:

  • Educate the public on how to plan for long term care
  • Provide a local source of 15 to 20 different eldercare services through one single contact
  • Promote a recognized name offering reliable services
  • Are you a veteran? Find out if Omega can help you discover benefits for which you may qualify

Collectively, the OMEGA TEAM provides a spectrum of eldercare advisors or providers who are experts in their particular area of service. The OMEGA TEAM is composed of companies or individuals representing anywhere from 8 to 20 specific areas of eldercare services.

The OMEGA Senior Care Council lists resources, companies and individual providers on this website who help families deal with the crisis and burden of long term care. One purpose is to educate the public on the need for care planning before a crisis occurs. A second purpose is to provide, in one place, all of the available government and private services for eldercare. Finally, their ultimate mission is to offer a trusted services that the public will recognize and turn to for expert help in dealing with the challenges of long term care.

Healthcare and Eldercare Collaborative for Boomers

Your workforce may consist of many people struggling with health issues, caregiving or other circumstances that affect productivity and your bottom line.

Two ladies, one mission. Tiffany and Helene will assist those who need help with any issues concerning aging in place, hospital stays, insurance, eldercare fraud and abuse and a plethora of other issues. These are services that individuals and businesses can benefit from, and are designed to save money, time and frustration for clients. Visit  for more information.

Community Partner – The MindBodySpirit Group

The Mind|Body|Spirit Group is a group of like-minded individual business owners with the common goal of bettering our community. Not only was there harmony in our professional and personal lives, but we realized the new sound that we all began to hear was the harmony of success that comes from helping others achieve their goals in health & wellness, and business.

Live Better Boomer Friends

Select Senior Service Providers – a website by my friend, John Hist, that streamlines all of the information available for seniors in the Philadelphia, PA area. Find information on financial providers, adult day cares, arts/entertainment, banking and healthcare providers and more!