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Tiffany Matthews, LBB! Founder & CEO

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Managing your healthcare & treatment, as well as navigating a broken healthcare system is overwhelming to say the least. No matter how savvy and smart you are, it is easy to mishandle important aspects of your care. This can lead to disastrous circumstances.

LBB! began because of how I and my family felt my beloved grandmother was treated by the “business of healthcare” on her deathbed. We were pressured, rushed, confused, in mourning and had a plethora of other feelings that left us drained after every visit with her. All we wanted to do was wrap our minds around the fact that she was going to die. But the “business of healthcare” waits for no one…

Having seen the injustices of healthcare and knowing through the experience with my Gram that I could help, I said to myself that there had to be a way to help others with healthcare injustices and situations. I wanted every patient to stand up for their care and treatment! Not only because they deserve good care, but because we all pay an arm and a leg for it!

I started with one e-book back in 2010, but that blossomed into my wanting LBB! to be a place where patients could really get help in many aspects in their care. I wanted patients to change the healthcare system everywhere by demanding better care as a customer of a business, not just a patient. I wanted to make a positive change in the world.

LBB! is my way to do it. To me, it’s not work. Healthcare & patient advocacy is something that I would do even if I won the lottery. It is that vital to patients in our current healthcare system. I believe there are ways to save money in healthcare, like advocacy, to save costs instead of threatening people with having no insurance coverage. If every patient practiced advocacy, I guarantee that the healthcare system will change for the better in the way of delivery of services. No matter how good your healthcare insurance is, it doesn’t mean that you will get good treatment during your treatment.

I created the A.C.E. Method™ of delivering healthcare & patient advocacy:

  • A is for Advocacy – this is for patient and families that need help with healthcare problems, new diagnoses and other issues. LBB! offers patient-centered solutions for patients having to deal with “the business of healthcare.” 
  • C is for Consulting – for businesses, corporations, non-profits, 55+communities and EAPs who want to educate and empower their audience in the healthcare system. Advocacy programming can help you build loyalty and save on your healthcare costs.  
  • E is for Education – showing patients, families, caregivers and the masses how to get the proper care, foster good communication with their providers, ask the right questions and how to advocate for their care and the care of their loved ones while saving time, money and stress. LBB! education maximizes the use of the healthcare system.

All of these areas are covered in the products and services that LBB! offers. We cater to individuals, families, caregivers, businesses and agencies. We also cater to all kinds of learners with LBB!’s Signature Product, The Powerful Patient Partner Program™. I created the entire program, complete with audio/video and e-books to accompany the track you choose. If you take the entire program and put all of the tips and steps into practice, you will be transformed into a better, stronger and more active patient.

At LBB!, we are a private-pay agency. This is because advocacy is not a regulated profession within our government. This has its pros and cons. But advocacy is vital to our current healthcare system. Private, independent advocates are not regulated by any insurance company, so we go to the mat for our clients. If advocates are employed somewhere, you can believe that their loyalty is to who pays their check and their rules…not to patients.

At LBB! we maintain the best interests of the patient. All advocacy, consulting and education, products and services were designed with the patient in mind. Check out LBB!’s services!