Active Adult/Independent Senior Living

Here’s What LBB! Can Offer Your Community’s Residents/Baby Boomers:

by Mike McSharry


LBB! health literacy information is perfect for active adult communities and independent living facilities! The Powerful Patient Partner Program™ will empower your residents by giving them the tools and the confidence to use the healthcare system correctly. They will have the ability to take care of healthcare for themselves and their loved ones. 

Here’s What LBB! Can Do for Your Communities:




Customized Packaging of LBB! Services

And Show Them How To:

  • get educated on their conditions, providers, facilities and health insurance
  • make better, more informed choices about their care & treatment
  • take steps to ensure a better healthcare experience
  • to be prepared for and successfully manage their hospital stays and appointments
  • cope with chronic disease or a new diagnosis
  • prevent falls and maintain their independence
  • consider and complete advance directives
  • discover their purpose in being a Powerful Patient Partner™
  • manage medications
  • speak up for their best care
  • and so much more!

Information is power – Boomers know this intimately. Boomers have kept their revolutionary spirit and can use it to get optimal care and treatment. By showing you care about their lives and well-being you can build loyalty, while empowering their independence and healthcare power. This will revolutionize healthcare delivery in America.

photo by: mikemcsharry