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LBB! Delivers Healthcare & Patient Advocacy Like No One Else...Through Our Own A.C.E. Method™


LBB! Is Here to Serve Women Over 40, Caregivers, the Chronically Ill and Newly Diagnosed to Give Them Back Something They Lost...Their Patient Power!



LBB! Has Solutions for Corporations, EAPs, Non-profits, Health & Wellness Companies and Especially 55+ Communities!



Our Signature Program, the Powerful Patient Partner Program™ Will Transform You Into A Healthcare Consumer With the Confidence to Manage Their Care & Treatment Effectively! Products Available for All Kinds of Learners!


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Your Care & Treatment Will Not Get Better Until You Increase Your
Healthcare Literacy… 

My Gram and My Family Went Through It…

The helplessness of watching a loved one living their last days is so torturous. It’s enough to wrestle your mind to accept that someone you love is dying…read my story here.

Yet, you have to also deal with the “business” of healthcare. That’s what healthcare is – and you are a customer, not just a patient. 

You will have to make quick decisions with deep impact on the patient. You will be bombarded with information. There will be pressure, and little time to think about your decisions. You will question if you are right or wrong. It all happens so fast that you don’t know which way to turn. With a system that upholds quantity over quality, the numbers game is what it’s all about. Patients equal money.

Our healthcare system is so disjointed and inefficient, that 1/3 of U.S. healthcare spending is wasted. How much could that waste do for the patients that need it?

But, what if there was a way that we could save money, time and stress? What if we could just focus on patients (even if the patient is you) and their healing, and be prepared for the the business of healthcare? What if there was a way to discover your power as a patient and use it? What if there was a way to get the most from your healthcare appointments and get guidance on how to get the best care and treatment possible?

Guess what? There is.

It is called healthcare and patient advocacy. Here at Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy,
it’s all we do. We Amplify the Consumer Voice and Value in the Healthcare System by Creating
Powerful Patient Partners™. LBB! wants to spread the message to patients that they have
enormous power in the healthcare system…many just don’t know how to use it! 

Patients either do not know or acknowledge that they have power in the healthcare system. Sometimes, it goes out the window when a patient puts on that gown with your behind exposed. Prepare now to get the service you deserve…so you won’t be exposed in the future.

You have rights & responsibilities as a patient, and first and foremost is to exercise your power and influence in getting care. You can manage your healthcare and treatment effectively and confidently, while saving time, money and stress. You can be heard. You can make choices. You can be in charge.

Go inside and find out about me, Tiffany Matthews, Founder & CEO, and LBB!. Find out How We Serve and Who We Serve with compassion, humility and a fervor to help patients win. Find out about all of our great products as well – all derived from the A.C.E. Method (created by Tiffany) which mean they all fall under the categories of advocacy, consulting and education. discover how LBB! delivers healthcare & patient advocacy like no one else.

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Tiffany Matthews, Founder & CEO of LBB!

Healthcare & Patient Advocate, Consultant & Educator
Tiffany Matthews
Tiffany Matthews
Founder & CEO

LBB! Is Home to the Powerful Patient Partner Program™ (P4)

Here at LBB!, You Will Learn How to Manage Your Healthcare & Treatment Confidently and Efficiently...All While Maintaining Your Healthcare Power and Saving Time, Money and Stress.