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stk99529corLet the experience of this social worker, expert advocate and patient be beneficial to you and your family. Learning how to get good healthcare is not rocket science, but it does take effort to get the best care in a broken system. Live Better Boomer! gives you powerful and practical steps to overcome the challenges you face. I don’t want another family to be mistreated at a vulnerable time, such as a healthcare or end-of-life crisis, like mine was – we were forced and harassed into making quick and monumental decisions.

The time to learn how to advocate for your best healthcare is not when you are sick or in crisis. It’s now. Do not go about it alone, it can be extremely overwhelming. Let LBB! help so you can focus on other important things. We will all need someone at some point who has been there to help you improve our healthcare experience.

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I understand what you need…and you are not in this alone. Let me help youHACodeBadge-small get the care that you deserve. No scare tactics or corporate requirements, just compassionate help, understanding and results. Healthcare is a business…you’re a customer…so you must act like one. You CAN navigate your way through our complex healthcare system. Let Live Better Boomer! give you the knowledge and the confidence to manage your own healthcare. You must “prepare for war in a time of peace.When the healthcare crisis hits, it is already too late. Get empowered now!

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  1. I am a Health Promotion consultant (D.B.A. FitXpress LLC). I have a comprehensive line of chair-type exercise DVDs that may be of interest to you for the purpose of making them available to your customers. Our profit margin/wholesale-retail is 50/50. I also have a training module that is NCCAP-approved for 8 CEUs; Steps to Better Balance & Falls Prevention. Please contact me for more information regarding how we might come together to empower those you serve in the area of healthy aging!

    1. Sounds good Nikki. I would love to have you as a resource for my LLC. Falls are a major issue for mature adults and I am interested in hearing what your program is about. What is a good contact number for you?

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